What to Expect

The Day of Your Session

Have yourselves feeling fabulous before leaving the house - with your wardrobe, hair, and makeup all set to go. Your photographer will be ready for you when you arrive. On arrival you will be shown where to hang your coat and have the chance to check the mirror. Your photographer will pose you in an array of unique, beautiful, and fun poses! They will take multiple shots of each to ensure you have plenty of options and different expressions to choose from. After your portraits are taken, they are prepared right away on the computer. You will then be able to view your portraits on a large monitor with a designer. There are plenty of beautiful displays to see and choose from! Most families take approximately 45 to 60 minutes with us from start to finish.

Why Snap?

The Snap Experience

Snap Photo Studio gives you a unique, top quality portrait experience. A photo shoot with your family should be fun! Our photographers are full of energy and professionally trained. We will create beautiful poses and moments that are sure to lift your heart when you see the results! These portraits truly become heirlooms that will be passed down for generations, and we take care to ensure they will be an item you will treasure. Select locations allow pets, meaning that your entire household can be a part of the Snap experience! Our studios are equipped to handle large families, and we regularly accommodate multi-generational portraits.

What Should I Wear

Planning Your Wardrobe

Many people ask us what they should wear. The answer is definitely, "Wear what makes you feel confident and awesome!" Beyond this, there are of course some tips to wardrobe selection when you want something that will really make you say WOW when you see your portraits!

  • Plan the outfits from head to toe, our backgrounds are full length
  • Avoid tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • Plan your outfit in layers for more options
  • Avoid solid white clothes, our most popular background is our seamless white
  • Colours and textures can be wonderful and vibrant
  • If you will be wearing black pants and black shoes, black socks are important
  • Shoes? Barefoot? Both can look great! It's best if the whole family does the same thing
  • If nail polish is peeling, make sure to remove what's left.
  • Bring anything you might need for touch ups - comb, make up, etc.

Planning Your Session

Getting Ready for the Big Day

It can be a big undertaking to make sure everyone is in sync before your portrait session! Conflicting schedules make it hard to get together. We know your portraits are a priority for you, call us directly at your Local Snap Studio for help finding the perfect time for your session!  

Here's some tips to help your family prepare for the big day: 

  • Mark your calendar with your session where the whole family can see it  
  • Have a hobby? Play a sport? Personal items are welcome! They add a very special touch to your portraits
  • Bringing a little one or a baby? Have them dressed at home, and put on a bib in case of teething or food spills. Remove the bib right before we start shooting.  
  • Is it a season with rain or snow? Plan for a nice pair of indoor shoes  
  • Extra accessories can be fun, bring some favourites just in case! 
  • Is there a big event? A birthday? An anniversary? Let your photographer know when booking! We love to make these moments extra special!